Blay Energy is a privately owned company incorporated under the companies act Cap.486 of the lawas of Kenya. The Company was registered in the year 2011 under registration number cpr/2011/53920.

The company is licensed to procure and market petroleum products in the domestic market as well as for export to the neighboring region in Eastern and central Africa. The company is also licensed to perform transport and logistics services.The Main focus of the company is on the local market as well as the export sectors of the economy which mainly deals with the sale of petroleum products and lubricants.

In Depth, the company covers the sale and marketing of a range of quality lubricants and, fuels to retail and commercial customers, Chemical and Special Products. The principal products are Automotive Diesel, Fuel Oil and a wide range of lubricants for all applications in bulk wholesale dealerships.Besides the retail functions Blay Energy also has commercial division which wholesales these products to all segments of the economy which include manufacturing, Tourism, Transport, Agriculture among others.

In Addition, Blay Energy is also an experience company in logistics services including transportation in East, Central and horn of Africa with well experienced staff and start of the art equipment’s   to provide customer satisfaction. The company offers quality services for different applications such as industrial use for clientele that include NGO’s community based organizations, international agencies government institutions and the private sector.

Since its inception, the company has developed a market for itself owing to the technology, professionalism and logistical experience with diverse geographical zones of the region. This has enabled the company to achieve optimal success in the development of high quality services.As a company, Blay Energy is devotes attention to details and keeps customers informed throughout the process. Expansion has been consistent.


Blay Energy objectives are to engage in an efficient, responsible and profitable business whose vision is to become a key player in the Kenyan energy sector providing total energy solutions as well as Easter Africa Market. The Company’s strategy is to operate professionally with  the aim of achieving the following:

  • To Develop and maintain a high standard of service to the company’s customer as well as to ensure supply and delivery of quality products while supplying value for money. To consciously improve efficiency and productivity.
  • To generate and maintain a sustainable cash flow from the operations and post acceptable and consistent returns on investments (ROI) for the shareholders so  as to achieve invesot confidence.
  • To ensure that overheads are contained and low cost base is maintained without compromising the quality of services to the company’s customers.
  • To Encourage innovation and creativity by all employees
  • To conduct business as responsible cooperate member of society, abiding by the lays and regulations of the country.

Our Mission is to be the region provider and distributor of quality of petroleum products and transport services meeting and exceeding stakeholders’ expectation through outstanding customer service with great regard for the environment.

To be the preferred business entity contributing to national energy security and transport services by delivering high quality products and services with care of the environment .



Humble beginnings


Lunga Lunga, Industrial Area


Opening 3 Petrol Station