1.1 Is house-keeping ok? No rubbish, grass cut, no blocks to entry/exit. Landscaping well maintained, Inspect perimeter.
1.2 No pillage visible. Check fuel delivery area & forecourt surface.
1.3 No loose fittings at fill & dip points of underground storage tanks. Inspect all fill & dip points.
1.4 Interceptor working (hint: look for oil flowing out of it). Check if sludge is removed based on cleaning schedule.
1.5 Compressor room clean & tidy (water drained daily from pressure vessel). Lights working & no materials stored.
1.6 Electrical room clean, no loose wires, panels/breakers completely labeled. Check if ELCB is available/working.
1.7 Toilets clean, lights working, taps working door locks working, windows/doors clean, signs in place & in good condition.
1.8 If at night, check that site is well-lit, inspect lights at canopy fascia, under canopy, perimeter, all signages and building exterior.

2.1 Is house-keeping ok? No rubbish, no slippery flooring.
2.2 Safety signage in place (no smoking, no mobile phone, switch off engine, no motorbike straddling, no unprescribed containers).
2.3 Extinguishers available (check service dates, seals, pressure gauge). Inspection tags provided & with inspection markings.
2.4 No leaks at pumps & break-away couplings. Inspect pump base inside the panel cover to check traces of leaks.
2.5 Are forecourt services in good condition? (i.e. no trip hazards due to potholes & large cracks, no surface water accumulation.
2.6 Are there sand buckets with sweet sand or spill kits? Sand bucks are clearly marked and no rubbish inside the buckets.

3.1 Is house-keeping ok? No rubbish, no slippery flooring at oil change stations & carwash area.
3.2 Used oil is collected/stored, disposal monitored & recorded, collected by govt. authorized used-oil collector.
3.3 Check electrical wiring if manual car wash & ELCB is available/working.

4.1 Is house-keeping ok? No rubbish, no slippery flooring.
4.2 First aid kit stocked, certified First Aider available per work shift. Check certificate if updated.
4.3 Is there a safe and is it currently locked.

5.1 Are food servers/preparers properly attired (i.e. hair nets, aprons). Are they trained on Food Safety. Check training log.
5.2 Check food expiry dates & check fast food freshness.
5.3 Is there a regular schedule for calibration of temperature gauges on equipment?
5.4 Is there a check thermometer available & calibrated?
5.5 Are foods stored separately from chemicals and dangerous goods?
5.6 Is hand washing facilities present? (i.e. dedicated sink for hand washing, liquid hand soap, disposable paper towel/hand dryer).
5.7 Is there a regular schedule for monitoring temperature gauges on food equipment? 1-4C for chillers; min 65C for warmers; – 18C for freezers.

6.1 Is house-keeping ok? Clean, no unsafe stacking of boxes, i.e. small/light packs on the top shelf.
6.2 Aisles & doors clear and accessible.

7.1 Staff in appropriate working attire (i.e. wearing shoes, not slippers, for example).
7.2 Ask one work to explain how to use fire extinguisher.
7.3 All staff participated in actual fire-fighting drill? Check training log.
7.4 Ask one worker to explain emergency procedure e.g. robbery or fire.
7.5 Ask one worker to show the location of main emergency stop button & pump ESD. Check record of ESD Testing done by the dealer.

8.1 HSSE Training manuals & records available. Check training log.
8.2 Emergency procedures and call numbers available (posted conspicuously).
8.3 Safety meetings held. Show the minutes. At least, conducted monthly with all site staff in attendance.
8.4 Incident reporting system in place. Show the incident reports for last 6 months including Near Misses/Potential incidents.
8.5 Hardware maintenance records in place. Records should contain call time by the Dealer & actual response time by contractor.
8.6 Are wet stock records ok? Last months mogas loss <0.5% of sales. Check if reconciliation is done daily for all UGT’s.
8.7 Show the site HSSE Quick Checklists. Dealer should conduct weekly checks.
8.8 Show the Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS). Check if MSDS for all products i.e. fuels, lubes, coolants are available.

9.1 Check any additional or potential risk on site.